Lumisource Boom Chair Stingray Review

Whether or not, you enjoyed your favorite games on your old chair, this is bound to sway you off completely. Sleek and stylish, this boom chair is one-of-a-kind most comfortable console gaming chair that provides an ultimate audio gaming experience. Listed below are some of the important features of this extraordinary piece of furniture.


Lumisource Boom Chair Stingray takes you to a whole new world of virtual gaming. You will find yourself deeply engrossed in your favorite movies or video games for hours without feeling any discomfort. The gaming chair comes with a pair of two way speakers that are 2.5 inch in size. The chair comes with a round bottom, thereby enabling easy tilting in multiple directions. A padded breathable mesh structure is provided for enhancing the comfort level of the chair. The canvas surface is rugged and is available in a number of color variants. An efficient power knob is provided for adjusting the volume and other sound characteristics.


  • Comfortable and oversized seating structure.
  • Hooks up easily with any type of DVD/CD/MP3/video gaming device.
  • Efficient folding structure for easy storage.
  • Rounded bottom allows multi-directional tilt.
  • Can be battery operated, thereby enhancing the portability quotient of the product.


  • Delicate seat fabric cannot resist the hard edges for long.
  • Batteries drain out quickly when run in the portable mode. 

You can place the chair and run in the electric power mode for eliminating the cons associated with the draining battery power. In short, this gaming chair is a cost effective purchase for every age group!

BoomChair Sky Lounger Boom Chair Review

This is a king sized lounge chair for relaxing you thoroughly while enjoying your favorite movies and games. Designed while keeping the needs of an adult user in mind, this lounge chair provides enough seating area for adults of every body shape. The chair comes with in-built chrome rails, which enable easy lifting from the ground level.

Moreover, it is equipped with two powerful speakers and a subwoofer; and it is bound to make you attain a new level of ecstasy. A hand held remote is provided with the chair, enabling easy controlling of volume and bass features. Essentially, this lounge chair excels in providing a completely customized user entertainment experience. Moreover, you are not required to update your DVD player or video game setup as this chair is versatile enough to hook up with DVD/CD/MP3/video game system of any type. Amazingly, it can fit in any section of your home.


  • This gaming chair is extremely comfortable owing to its wide seating area and chrome rails.
  • It is compatible with entertainment setup of almost any type.
  • Easy-to-operate hand held remote panel for controlling bass and volume.
  • Extremely powerful speakers and woofer incorporated for excellent sound performance.
  • Adjustable head support.
  • Cost effective pricing.


  • Unwanted humming sound from the subwoofer during watching movies or playing games disrupts the users.
  • Use of cheap plastic covers on the speakers hampers the complete look of the lounge chair.

On a whole, it is a cost effective investing for elevating your overall entertainment experience. You can operate the speakers at a low volume for doing away the unwanted humming sound. Another great buy, especially for adults!

Playseat Limited Edition Forza Motorsport 4 Racing Seat Review

The ultimate gaming chair that will surely take your gaming experience to the next level. The product has been launched with a number of new features and enhancements, which weren’t a part of the original model. Read below to discover the amazing features and characteristics of this limited edition chair.


This gaming chair comes with a unique leg design, enabling easy movement of the legs. Moreover, the gaming seat has been provided with a wheel support mounted in the center for effortless navigation. The aluminum based quick release handle allows easy adjustment of the depth and height of the chair.

Essentially, any sort of pedal or third party wheels can easily be accommodated in this gaming chair. Covered with a high quality fabric, the product is build up in a sturdy triangular tube based frame. Moreover, the gaming chair is compatible with almost all the major console setups, electronic steering, and PC configurations.

The chair can withstand a maximum of 250 pounds of weight and easily accommodate a person of 87 inches height. The gaming seat excels in providing an excellent racing experience like never before.


  • The stable chassis frame provides effective endurance to tough steering or braking activities.
  • Modeled after the interiors of the real race cars.
  • The driving position is fully adjustable.
  • The gaming seat is suitable to every user irrespective of the age, shape, or size.
  • Can be assembled and disassembled quickly.
  • The positions can be changed easily with the help of simple twist knobs.
  • The chair can be folded and stored easily in less space when not in use.


  • A little expensive than as compared to similar products of the league.
  • Seat turns out to be uncomfortable in case of long races.

Nevertheless, it is an excellent gaming seat for racers of every age group. Highly recommended!